Funky New Fashion Design Work by Maggie Barber

Fashion design and haute couture by Maggie Barber. Fashion design in Madison. 18 December, 2010 photo shoot in Studio H, downtown Madison, Wis. Models: Helen Elizabeth and Tonia Traas. Photography: Timothy Hughes, Fashion Design: Maggie Barber, Hair & Makeup Rosalee Eichstedt














I had a busy week working on a commissioned photo shoot for a very talented UW-Madison fashion design alumnus named Maggie Barber. Maggie is working hard on building a print portfolio to submit to the Royal College of Art in London and needed some pro-shot photography of her innovative designs. We shot 16 garments on solid black and white backgrounds on two models.

I’m always honored to photograph collections for young designers since their book plays such a significant role in their careers. I work hard to ensure the photography in the portfolio is absolutely top-notch. Since my background is in graphic design, I am also able to help them with print production techniques if needed.

In the end, we shot 1,653 photos in our seven hour shoot. I delivered 1,466 images on a web site for Maggie to select 35 final images for retouching. It took about three days for me to complete the retouching and I’m very happy with how polished the final images turned out! Maggie’s website is located at

Red dress







Detail of red dress on Tonia.

Haute couture knitwear















Full body shot of black knit dress on Helen.

fashionable blue dress
















Blue dress modeled by Tonia.

Fashion Designer photographs

Knitwear modeled by Tonia (detail).

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Kj Lyn
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PLEASE give Tonia my contact info!!! She’s STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -kj

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