Some aerial photography around Madison

Here’s some recent aerial photos I took in the spring!   Previous Next

Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational 2019

Yesterday I photographed the Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational cross country meet at the Thomas Zimmer Championship Course in Madison….

Recent commercial interior photos

I’ve been working on an ambitious project of architectural photography for a locally-owned restaurant group in the greater…

Race Report: Wisconsin Triterium Triathlon 2015

Date: June 27, 2015 Air temp: 62º Water temp. 76º Wind: 2 mph Race weight: 139 lb. Resting…

Race report: Third time’s a charm in Verona

RACE METRICS Water temp: 77º Air temp: 73º Wind: 12mph Race weight: 133 lb. Resting/max HR: 52/185 Wave…