My tri bike is race ready!

Tomorrow I’m racing the Olympic distance at Capital View Triathlon in Madison. I’ve been training hard all winter and actually only took one week off of training. My bike split was lacking last season so I made some improvements to the fit and components in hopes to shave off some time. I did a lot of training on the spin bike at my gym which is not ideal, but it certainly has conditioned my bike legs.

One of the adjustments I made over the off-season was to switch up stems to get some additional drop. My new stem is a -25º Profile Design Aris 80mm.
One of my favorite features is the name badge from
I picked up an AeroJacket disc cover from to help reduce drag.
Ultegra front and rear for smooth indexed shifting (when I have it tuned correctly).
I added a FLO 60 race wheel with aluminum brake track and carbon fairing.
The FLO wheel pairs nicely with the Continental GP4000s clincher.
Overall I think my Trek Equinox looks sharp though it’s rarely this clean!

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