Running Noise Ninja on Snow Leopard with Intel Macs

Recently I migrated all the apps and documents from my PowerPC G5 to a brand-spankin’ new Intel iMac machine running Snow Leopard. The setup assistant flawlessly transferred everything over the FireWire connection in about a half hour. Miraculously, everything worked including CS3 with the exception of one of my favorite Photoshop plug-ins: Noise Ninja.

The error message I got when launching Photoshop was “One or more plug-ins are currently not available on your system. For details, see Help > System Info.” Upon checking the System Info, the message was “Plug-ins that failed to load: Noise Ninja NO VERSION – – from the file “/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Plug-Ins/NoiseNinjaPlugin_MacPowerPC_2_3_2/NoiseNinja.8bf”

I assumed that the Noise Ninja version I paid for was not going to be compatible with Snow Leopard and that I was going to be shit out of luck. Actually, I went back to the site at and found an Intel Mac version of the software. I installed it and it accepted my license keycode. Problem solved.

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