REV3 Triathlon: Wisconsin Dells

On Sunday I raced at the REV3 triathlon at the Wisconsin Dells. I did the olympic distance tri which consisted of a 1.5k swim, a 40k bike and a 10k run. I felt I came into the event prepared and I finished 19 seconds faster than my goal time of three hours. I felt REV3 held an excellent race for their first time in Wisconsin and I really enjoyed every minute of the day. The weather cooperated, my bike cooperated, my body felt healthy and the spectators and volunteers were awesome.

Photo: REV3

I’ve only had a bike for six weeks so I have a lot of room for improvement on the bike split and would love to knock ten minutes off my swim split as well. I definitely have my work cut out for me next season.

Photo: REV3

This race was the culmination of six weeks of training specifically for this day. In those six weeks I carefully followed a training plan and my totals ended up being 9.26 miles of swimming, 304.5 miles on the bike and 85.4 miles of running both outdoors and on the treadmill (which is easier on the legs and heart rate can be monitored).

Thanks dad for the finish line photo!

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