My favorite YouTube channels for photographers

In my last blog post, I discussed continuing education resources for working photographers and today I will list a few of my favorite YouTube photographers. I’ve moved away from watching photographers whose YouTube channel income and side hustles (education, branded photo gear, ad revenue, etc.) have become the dominant forces in their careers. That stuff just doesn’t do it for me at all but that’s the way the social media monetization process works.

Let’s start with UK photographer Karl Taylor. Karl is a world-class  photographer & educator with a massive studio space in Guernsey which is an island in the English Channel. He is best known for his highly-advanced product photography. From my extremely unscientific conclusion-he may be the most accomplished photographer on YouTube doing free instructionals.

Based in Detroit, fashion photographer Jessica Kobeissi has a great sense of humor and thankfully doesn’t take herself too seriously on her great YouTube channel.

Timothy Hughes screenshot

Robert Hall is an editorial photographer in Michigan known for his extensive knowledge of Godox lights and his wedding photography. If you’ve googled a question about Godox or Flashpoint brand lighting, chances are his name has come up in the search results. His videos and blog posts are well-researched and I like the way he presents information seemingly without a marketing angle.

Fashion photographer Joanna Kustra is an expert in color and her video on color grading for photographers is excellent.

Gary McIntyre is a specialist in landscapes and retouching techniques for photographers. Based on the western coast of Scotland-his moody landscapes are dramatically enhanced with post-processing in apps like Luminar.

Peter Hurley has made a name for himself in the headshot & education market. He’s obviously very good at headshots, but unfortunately you’ll be stuck with a large chunk of marketing stuff watching his videos. Nevertheless, there is some super-useful information for portrait photographers if you sit through the self-promotion.

Last but not least, AdoramaTV is a large electronics retailer based in NYC. Though they do want to sell you a new camera, lens and lights, they also have an excellent cast of professional photographers who give demonstrations on lighting, fundamentals of photography and of course equipment reviews.