Mad Rollin’ Dolls: Flat Track Roller Derby. Feb. 14, 2010

I shot some roller derby photos at the Coliseum in Madison today. I’ve been photographing the Mad Rollin’ Dolls off and on since 2004. Like many action sports, derby is quite challenging to shoot. The usable indoor light is very low which makes autofocus fairly slow on my Canon 5D. The maximum sync speed I get is 1/160 sec. which does not always freeze the action. To get an adequate amount of light-I mount strobes up on the second level of the arena and fire them remotely as well as using an on-camera flash for fill light. Unholy Rollers roller derby player Rita Slayworth. Unholy Rollers skater Rita Slayworth at the line.
A jammer for the Paper Valley Roller Girls racks up points. Mad Rollin' Dolls: Reservoir Dolls jammer Charlie Hustle. Reservoir Dolls jammer Charlie Hustle.

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July 26, 2011 10:18 am

thank you very much for this post. I can’t believe rollerderby actually exist. I thought it was just a movie. You made my life complete.. Keep putting up wonderful post!!

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