Fuji’s sexy new rangefinder-esque Finepix X100 compact


I’ve been a fanboy of Fujifilm’s compact cameras since picking up my F30 point and shoot in early 2006. The new addition to the Fuji lineup looks very promising (and sexy in a wonderfully retro way). Slated for release in early 2011, the 12.3 MP camera features an APS-C CMOS sensor (1.52x crop factor), a 35mm (equivalent) f/2 prime, >6400 ISO sensitivity, 720p HD video capabilities, built-in 3x neutral density filter, metal dials (!!), and a magnesium alloy body with leather accents.

According to Fuji the price point will initially be around $1000. I would assume pricing will quickly drop to the $800 range that cameras in the same class (such as the Olympus E-P2 Pen) retail for. This truly could be the ultimate travel camera for me. I absolutely love the fact that it will take professional-quality photos right out of the box and yet fit in a jacket pocket or compact case in a travel bag. The only thing I’d like to see in a future version of the X100 is some form of image stabilization and perhaps an f/1.4 lens.

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