Everyday Carry (EDC): Photographer

Voodoo Tactical Molle Compatible BDU Wallet woodland camouflage front view.

Voodoo BDU Wallet (front closed).

It seems everyone these days is posting photos of all the junk they carry in their pockets and packs. Never one to miss a photo opp., here’s some of the random stuff I carry most of the time on assignments.

Voodoo BDU Wallet (open)

Voodoo BDU Wallet (open). Click for larger photo.

I picked up a woodland camo Voodoo pocket organizer for several reasons. It’s a little bigger than some EDC organizers, has room for standard-sized pens and notepads, and has a pair of straps on the back to attach to other packs or a hiking belt without the need for additional hardware. At $10/shipped, it was well worth trying out. Like many nylon goods-build quality is ok, but not great. I’m not sure how long the zipper and nylon fabric will last, but for the price I can always just replace it. I removed a seam on the elastic to fit the pocket knife and cut off a key leash from the upper, left side of the pouch.

The back of the woodland camo Voodoo Tactical BDU Wallet

The back of the organizer with MOLLE straps (closed).

I’m not sure how often I’ll carry this admin pack, but having a pen and paper with me is essential (for note taking/captions) in my profession-so that was the priority. Here’s what I have packed at the moment, of course this will change over time and as project needs arise.

Front mesh pocket:
An old credit card wrapped with about 5′ of black gaffer tape. Works as well as duct tape, but with the advantage of not leaving a sticky residue on anything. Key for taping down/taming extension cords and various cables.

Under the removable flag:
Sewing needle and thread.

Left pockets:
3×5″ memo book, twist ties (3), butterfly bandages (3), Band-Aids (2), lens cleaning wipe, return address stickers (to label things), mini lens cleaning cloth for iPhone/camera lenses/sunglasses, etc., hand sanitizer wipe, pens (2), Wenger Teton Swiss Army knife, Sharpie, safety pins (3) pinned to logo tag.

Right pockets:
Mini anodized aluminum LED flashlight (clipped on leash), zip ties for repairs (2), rubber bands (2), lighter, Silva Forecaster 610 compass/thermometer on a p-cord lanyard, nylon shoestring, velcro one-wrap thin tie, mini tape measure.

Honestly, the chances are I’ll never use the lighter or the compass. I also picked up a short phone cord and some packets of instant coffee since the time I posted this.

Feel free to comment below with questions or if you can think of anything I forgot to pack!