Camera Lens Storage

Box of lenses

Recently, I decided to figure out a dustproof method of storing my dSLR camera lenses. At first I thought about some kind of shelves but ended up just going with a very inexpensive Sterilite 15 quart storage box from the hardware store. It latches shut and only cost about four bucks.

I store the lenses base side down and ordered a 40 gram silica gel canister as well. About the size of an Altoids tin, the canister is rechargeable by putting in the over for a few hours (yes hours) at low temperature. The silica gel absorbs moisture in the box and will prevent fungus from damaging my lenses. The canister was only seven dollars but I’ll have to check it every month or so to see if it needs recharging to dry out the gel beads.

Box of SLR lenses

Lens storage box with the aluminum silica gel canister on the right.