A few behind the scenes photos with Allison Kuehn

Madison Magazine fashion & beauty photoshoot for Chalmer's Jewelers. Behind the scenes photos taken in the studio.
Behind the scenes photo with Allison Kuehn from America's Next Top Model. Photographed at the Madison Magazine photo and television studio.
Had a great jewelry photo shoot with Allison at the Madison Magazine studio and here are a few behind the scenes photos. I used my 22″ beauty dish as the key light, a 7″ reflector with a 40º grid as a hair light, and a large softbox as my fill light. Candids by Jessie Sandler.

Fashion photo of Allison Kuehn from America's Next Top Model. Image copyright 2009 by Madison photographer Timothy M. Hughes.
Here’s an outtake from the jewelry shoot which turned out nicely.

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