2023 Photo Wrap Up

It’s the end of the year, and I’m grateful to all my clients who keep me motivated to do my best work week in and week out. 2023 marks my seventeenth year as a working photographer, and this is obviously the longest-running job I’ve ever had. My degree is in graphic design, which is a lot of fun, but I see photography (and Photoshop post-production work) almost as an extension of graphic design these days.

Below are a few of my favorite images I captured over the year. Some projects are from client work, while others I undertook in my own time, but I’m super happy with how all of them turned out!

To those that helped with my projects, I’d like to send a heartfelt thanks. You all know who you are.  

State Street in Madison, Wis. Twilight with bikers.
Fitness model in yoga pose.
Fashion model
Dogs photographed in the studio.
Traffic on Monroe Street at night. Madison, Wisconsin at twilight.
Product photo shot on white tabletop.
Aerial photo of Devil's Lake beach with swimmers.
Cyberpunk photo of Jessica with Las Vegas lights in the background.
Piano at night with traffic.
Peaceful courtyard with umbrella and chairs. A liminal space.
Product photos of eyewear shot in my Madison studio.