EF2 Tornado hits Madison and Outlying Communities

Even though I’ve been watching shows like Storm Chasers for years, I’ve never personally seen the aftermath of a tornado. Until today.

You’ve all heard about 2x4s flying around like toothpicks, but until you actually see it in person, it’s hard to comprehend.

All shots taken with my Canon S95 compact camera in RAW format.

humorous sign in a serious situation. Tornado damage, Madison, WI

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Damage from tornado in Madison, Wisconsin on June 17, 2014

Aftermath of Tornado in Madison in 2014

Storm damage


Tornado uproots trees

Uprooted trees. Well over six foot tall roots.

Tornado snaps tree in half

Tree snapped literally in half.


Uprooted tree in front of home. 2×4 speared straight through roof.


This 2×4 looked like a perfectly thrown javelin. Would *not* want to be on the receiving end of that.


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