My favorite movies (reviewed)

Kill Bill. For purposes of this review, we will lump volumes one and two together as the film was originally meant to be seen. Simply put, this film is one of the best in the last ten years. The story is compelling, performances are stellar and this is Quentin’s masterwork.

Eyes Wide Shut. A very well-done movie in my humble opinion. The colors are stellar, the storyline is believable and the emotional drama factor is quite chilling.

Mulholland Drive. Precision camera-work, interesting [abstract] storyline, great visuals, fantastic acting. The film will spark discussions and keep you guessing throughout. This is unquestionably an art film and viewers are slapped in the face with a high dose of good old-fashioned surrealism.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s. An absolute classic. If you enjoy this technicolor movie you should see Audrey Hepburn’s other films as well. Ah, the golden days when everybody knew what they wanted…

Roseland New York. Portishead. Proving that a talented DJ can successfully coexist with other musicians [including an orchestra] this pro-shot video was filmed live in a ballroom on 07:24:1997. The sound is fantastic and the video footage is both interesting & well-edited.

Run Lola Run. Ah postmodernism. This is an excellent avante-punk film, with a fantastic soundtrack and storyline. Extremely colourful, animated and hyper-edited. Still waiting for the sequel: Lola Keep Running. German with subtitles.

The Complete Videos 1991-1998. Tori Amos. Here is an awesome retrospective of Tori’s music. I highly recommend this video, it’s a greatest hits compilation with the visual element of video.

Sade Live. When you’re ready for truly international, downtempo jams this pro-shot, HiFi stereo videocassette/DVD will rock your world. 96 minutes of the smoothest grooves money can buy.

Volumen: Björk. 14 videos of totally awesome material. I strongly recommend this collection on DVD. The music and visuals are ultra high-tech, colorful and mesmerizing. Hyper-ballad is one of my all-time fav’s.

Enigma: Remember The Future. Excellent visuals and songs throughout the entire DVD. Gravity Of Love is certainly one of the best music videos I have ever seen.

Batman Returns. Dark, fast-paced and most importantly-Catwoman.

And All That Could Have Been. NIN returns with the twin DVD release of footage from the 2000 Fragility 2.0 Tour. Recorded in 5.1 surround sound (separate DTS & Dolby releases), the 18 song concert should be Halo Seventeen in your collection. The mesmerizing triptych video panels featured in the tour are explained in detail by the artist Bill Viola. The drawback of this release is the incredible amount of overlap since Nails last video release. I wish that more of The Fragile was featured on here, rather than all of the Downward Spiral material which most have already seen.

The Best Of The Doors. You know the deal folks-anytime I can recommend a music video for you in lieu of an album I will. Pick this up and see what it was like years ago. This is not the Oliver Stone movie.

Alleys & Motorways. Bush. A documentary/music video film with witty interviews, lots of great tunes and pro-shot video. Check it out-these guys have style.

Scarface. The original gansta bad-ass. Hailing from Havana, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) works his way to the top of the ‘80s Miami cocaine cartel. This one never gets boring.

Moulin Rouge. An absolute kaleidoscope of color and music, this musical will go down as one of the greats. The two DVD set has a ton of cool special features. The only problem I have with the movie is that it does not use original music. Actually, that is more of a problem I have with our entire generation ; )

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. The perfect modern rendition of the 1971 book by Hunter S. Thompson. A humorous, colorful and horrific road trip of 2 drug fiends.

Blue Velvet. David Lynch draws you into to his (often dark) vision visually, mentally and musically. Containing some of the most twisted characters ever to be seen on the big-screen, Blue Velvet’s release on DVD is clearly a great thing.

The Bourne Identity. A wonderfully hyper-paced espionage film which has broken new ground in several areas. Shooting on-location in some of Europe’s most beautiful areas doesn’t hurt from a visual perspective either.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. See the musical which changed Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe shines in this Technicolor masterpiece.

Dancer In The Dark. A very dramatic film which casts the multi-talented Björk in her first major motion picture. The movie is ultimately depressing, yet should not be avoided.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Um, yeah. Creepy, strange, disturbing, offensive, brilliant and beautiful. The film is abstract and non-linear. If you need your stories to fit into a simple Hollywood mold (intro, plot, climax) than this is not the movie for you. Now on DVD format!

The Salton Sea. This is a fantastic thriller with all of the elements of a great movie. It was not widely released in theaters or advertised, so you get the bonus underground appeal.