Modding a Softbox Bracket to Fit a Bowens Mount Godox Light

I recently picked up a 60″ octabox and noticed how much weight the heavy softbox was putting onto my Godox AD600 Pro. I’ve seen the stand mount on monolights slip due to the strain a heavy modifier put on the light and at worst case actually snap the handle mechanism.

Softbox bracket mounted on a baby pin

My goal was to find an adapter that could take the weight off my Godox light and put it onto the yoke.

I went in search of a softbox bracket (also known as a yoke) to fit my Bowens mount softbox and settled on a Cheetah Stand brand mount. When I received my “RiceBowl Color Coded U Bracket” from them, I realized the holes in the included speedring were not a large enough diameter to fit the rods from my Fotodiox octabox. After looking closely at the bracket against a few different Godox speedrings I already owned, I found one that would fit with a few modifications.

Modded bracket attached to Godox speedring

The RiceBowl Color Coded U Bracket came bolted onto the Cheetah Stand speedring with four M2.5 allen screws. I decided to instead mount the bracket onto my Godox speedring using machine screws, washers and lockbolts on each screw. Once I removed the allen screws, I placed the bracket over the speedring where I wanted it attached. Next, I simply drilled the four holes (to expand the bracket’s existing threaded holes) and went straight through the speedring so I could insert the four screws, four washers and lockbolts.


Here is a quick video review of the softbox bracket in use.

Links to various softbox brackets on the web:

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