Product Review: Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S photo

I have several hobbies in addition to my photography (which technically isn’t a hobby anymore). Nearly a year ago, I ordered an Xbox Series S at the full retail price of $300. It arrived in a few days and I immediately purchased several months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which offers downloads of few hundred games during an active membership. Some are obviously better than others, but there is something for most everyone in that digital catalog. 


I spent a great deal of time watching YouTube videos on game reviews. In addition to new games coming out each month, the Series X|S is great at playing legacy games. Since the Xbox platform has been around for twenty years, the back catalog is obviously very, very large and people love to play the games they grew up with! I won’t bore you with the details of my favorite games, but I will mention that I keep a list of games I want to purchase in my notes, then I check the Xbox Specials site on Tuesdays since they have a massive sale on games there every week. 


I’ll be honest, I’m a Mac guy and always have been. That said, I’m extremely impressed about how well this system works for the price. The limitations with the Series S are the rather small 512GB internal SSD and the output graphics of most games is currently capped at 1080-1440p at 30fps. That’s actually not bad at all coming from my PlayStation 2, but some of the games are so amazing that 4k or 60fps would be… better. There are three USB ports on the Series S so it allows for some external storage options although that works best for cold storage as opposed to gaming off them (I have two 512GB SSDs attached).     

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